Facilitäre Forschungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH.
Facilitäre Planung
all our services meet the scope to reach a value potential as high as possible for a building to be planned or to evaluate the value potential of an existing real estate comprehensively.

Support in organization and building up of facility management and facility services in your company

The performance of the facility management and the processes of the facility services that belong to it is mainly dependent on the structure of the organization or the departments in charge. The set up of an efficient facility management and of efficient facility services structures can only be realized through strategic planning and project based completion. We accompany and support you.

Scope: An effective economic organization structure

FM Controlling and Coaching of the Planning Process

This controlling process is an important feed back control in the course of the whole planning and building process. This process is aimed to meet high inner vales of the real estate, namely a good usability and optimized life cycle costs.

Planning with TQ certificate - The TQ certificate, developed in a contract of the austrian ministries of economy, of infrastructure and of environment, is a documentation of the quality of the building for potential users, for the operation representatives and the investors

Scopes: The building should be attractive for a sustainable utilization and therefore easy to be rent in a long term. Optimized life cycle costs and as a consequence low supply and running costs should be reached. The TQ certificate is a seal for the sustainability of the building.

Real estate screening - shows the potential of the real property

is so to speak an evaluation of the fitness potential for real estate. The real estate screening consists in a situation and site analysis, an evaluation of a utilization potential and a feasibility study.

Scope: a realized real estate screening yields to an immediate value increase of the real estate. It is the base for its further development – or for the selling to a real estate developer.

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