Facilitäre Forschungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH.
Facilitäre Planung

Master Programmes at the Department of Building and Environment

Facility Management
Developping, planning and controlling of infrastructures

Building Science
-> Solar Architecture

Planning and constructing for people

Fire Safety Management
better safe than sorry

Real Estate
Experience & knowledge create sustainable values

Security and Safety Management
Management Competence for a secure and safe use

The University Network


Danube University, Krems
Department of Building and Environment

The Department for Building and Environment is the first Austrian university department which focuses on healthy and ecological construction and housing. It covers the entire life-cycle of a building from the planning stage to construction, demolition and conversion to original state. The vision is "Sustainable buildings for people"

TSP Bauprojekt Management

T.S.P Bauprojekt Management GmbH

Partner for sustainable mechanical an electrical engineering concepts for big commercially used real estates


Stadtwerke Kufstein

University of Applied Science
Kufstein Tyrol

With the FH Study Facility Management as the first full academic study of all german speaking countries is the Fachhochschule Kufstein pioneer and motor for the topics facility management, real estate and business

FMA Facility Management Austria

The Austrian Facility Management Association FMA supports the profession of the facility manager in the business, the education and in public.

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